Friday, January 25, 2008

Get Control of Access Path Changes for Dynamic SQL when Migrating to a New Version of DB2

Are you making plans to migrate to a new version of DB2? Do you know what impact the access changes for dynamic SQL will have on performance? When migrating to a new DB2 version, access path changes for dynamic SQL are unpredictable – as is the impact those changes will have on application performance. Learn how you can use Bind ImpactExpert to eliminate the unwanted surprises in version migration by performing a “precheck” on dynamic SQL access path changes.

This webinar will be presented by myself (Craig Mullins) and Joe Brockert, Sr. Software Consultant for NEON Enterprise Software. We'll discuss the issues associated with dynamic SQL during a DB2 migration and offer a live demo of Bind ImpactExpert. Join us to see the solution that provides predictability in access path changes.

Enroll by clicking on this link.

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