Monday, April 22, 2024

Who's Going to Charlotte for IDUG 2024?

Spring is in the air and as a Db2 professional you know that can mean only one thing: the North American IDUG Db2 Tech Conference will soon be upon us! 

This year IDUG is back in Charlotte (like it was back in 2019). Ahhh, the pre-CovID days! Nevertheless, I am looking forward to an exciting week of learning more about my favorite DBMS and mingling with others Db2 users and fans!

This year, the event runs from Sunday June 23rd thru Thursday June 27th and it will be held at Le Meridien Hotel. But what can you expect if you attend? Well, there will be a tremendous number of educational opportunities at the IDUG Db2 Tech Conference. IBMers, vendor experts, users, IBM Champions, and IBM Gold consultants from all over the world converge in one location and share their experiences. So you know there will be numerous informative technical sessions on all the latest and greatest Db2 technologies, features, and related products. And you can view the grid with all of this year's presentations here.

Additionally, you can earn Db2 for z/OS and Db2 for LUW certification and badges at no additional cost. Every attendee can take one exam at no addtional cost! Not to mention the Expo Hall with all your favorite Db2 product vendors, pre- and post- conference workshops, Special Interest Groups, expert panels, evening receptions, and fun evening events sponsored by Broadcom and IBM.

If you’ve ever attended an IDUG conference in the past then you know why I’m excited. If you haven't attended before, I'm sure you'll find a lot to occupy your interest!

And be sure to seek me out and say "Howdy!" I'll be giving two presentations this year.

First up, on Monday June 24th I'll be delivering a presentation based on some of the things that I've encountered as an independent consultant. Titled Oh, The Things I've Seen: Db2 Stories and Best Practices, I'll talk about things like RUNSTATS, RID failures, and more in a Dr. Seuss-like way. You won't want to miss that, will you? 

Later I will be co-presenting a vendor-sponsored presentation with InfoTel on the topic of Data Governance for DBAs. In it, we will address the difference between governance and administration, as well as some of the biggest issues facing data governance these days. And, of course, how these things impact DBAs. InfoTel will also show how their technology can aid the process!

I will also be spending some time in the InfoTel booth so you can always stop by there to say hello or ask me a question!

So I hope to see you in Charlotte for a great week of education and camaraderie at this year's premier event for Db2 professionals, the IDUG Db2 Tech Conference. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Mixing Db2 Database Administration with DevOps - Summary

Recently, I posted a series of blog entries on DevOps and Db2 DBA here on the Db2 Portal blog site. The posts dealt with the many issues and considerations that need to be addressed as mature Db2 shops embrace DevOps practices and procedures.

This post is a short one that collects together links to all 7 of the posts in this series. You can use this post to review all of the posts in this series on DevOps Db2 DBA...

Part 1: Intro to DevOps

Part 2: The DevOps Toolchain

Part 3: Automating the DevOps Toolchain

Part 4: Database Schema Change and DevOps

Part 5: SQL Performance Testing

Part 6: Treat Dev and Ops as Equals

Part 7: Culture and The Bottom Line

I hope that you find the information in these posts to be informative and useful. And please, feel free to add your observations, thoughts, and experiences to the comments in this post (or any of the 7 DevOps posts linked above).

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Mixing Db2 Database Administration with DevOps - Part 7: Culture and The Bottom Line

When DevOps is embraced by an organization it should mean that DBAs get aligned more closely with development and appli­cations than in the past. By deploying agile development, with DBAs participating in teams along with the developers, you get increased cooperation and communication between the folks coding the application (that’s Dev) and the folks developing and managing the database (that’s Ops, or the DBAs).

So an overarching change required to succeed with DevOps is that DBAs should be work­ing in teams with developers, instead of in teams of other DBAs... at least for periods of time when development projects are very active. For some applications, a permanent DBA, or team of DBAs, may be assigned. For others, the DBA may rotate back and forth between the development team and a centralized DBA team.

Regardless of the pattern, DBAs are becoming more appli­cation-savvy. That’s a good thing because with improved appli­cation knowledge the DBA will be better able to administer the database for an application’s needs as the app moves from devel­opment to test to production.

The Bottom Line

Db2 for z/OS administration and management techniques need to adapt to the modern practices of agile application development and DevOps. But this is easier said than done.

It includes adapting the behavior of both developers and operations to be more collaborative between developers and operations (DBA) personnel. It also requires automating as much of the software development lifecycle as possible into a DevOps toolchain to reduce development time and deliver a better return on investment to application development and support.