Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blog Tagged

I have been blog tagged by Willie Favero. Don't worry, its not as painful as it sounds!

Basically, blog-tagging is a game, of sorts, that has been crawling its way through the blogosphere for awhile now. The way it works, when you are tagged by another blogger, you have to write a blog posting about yourself, with 8 things that others might not know. . . and then tag 8 other bloggers.

So here goes:
  1. I am an avid music fan. At last count, I have 5,281 CDs and albums (yes, I still have records). I know exactly how many I have because, geek that I am, I keep a list of them in a Filemaker database that I sync up with my Treo. I need that list on my Treo because, without it, I have been known to buy a CD I already own.
  2. I currently live in Texas, but I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Go Steelers (we'll get 'em next year)! My Mom, my brother, and his family still live in the Pittsburgh area and I get back to visit them at least once a year.
  3. I've also lived in the Chicago area. When people ask how I like it in Texas after living up North for so long, I tell 'em "I like it. I basically traded snow for humidity, and you don't have to shovel humidity!"
  4. I've written two books - DB2 Developer's Guide and Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices & Procedures... and I'm working on co-authoring another one on DB2 performance.
  5. I'm married, and I met my wife while working at PLATINUM technology. Remember them? A lot of good things happened during my days at PLATINUM! In fact...
  6. At one point, I used to write those monthly DB2 tips you DB2 people used to get in the mail from PLATINUM.
  7. I currently write four different columns for industry publications, as well as several blogs.
  8. I own a dog, an English springer spaniel named Jerry... I call him my Jerry Springer spaniel... and two cockatiels.

OK, I guess that means I now have to tag eight others. Willie beat me to the punch on a lot of my favorite DB2 bloggers, though. So I'll tag Peter Armstrong, Chris Foot, Chris Eaton, Trevor Eddolls, Dave Moore, Phil Nelson, Fred Sobotka, and Ralph Wilson.

You folks are now "it"...


Nimfa on english springer spaniel care said...

I like the name of your dog. I hope he doesn't get in the middle of arguments.

Craig S. Mullins said...