Tuesday, September 06, 2022

New Series of Short, Low-Price Books

Today's blog post is to introduce my regular readers to a series of new books that I am writing and selling exclusively on Amazon. The books will be shorter than the ones I've written in the past, each one will be under 100 pages. The primary audience is for Kindle eBook readers, but there will also be paperback, print editions, too!

The general idea is to discuss a specific topic or idea within the realm of data, database systems, or mainframe computing. And to offer the books at a low price point. The eBook format will generally cost a couple of bucks or so (with the option for Kindle Unlimited readers to read free)! And the print editions will generally cost around $10 or so. Very low cost with some high quality information!

As of today, the first three books are now available to be ordered on amazon. They are as follows:

The Tao of Db2: Achieving Balance and Understanding with Db2

This book follows the exploits of a seasoned Db2 DBA training his intern in the ways of Db2 before he can enjoy a well-earned retirement. Learn best practices for managing Db2 properly to achieve harmonious systems and applications that deliver quality and performance using the Tao of Db2

Based on a presentation I gave at IDUG several years ago now, this book uses Tao as a training mechanism for achieving the proper mindset and qualities to manage and administer Db2 databases and applications. 

Database Design Reviews: Techniques to Prepare Databases and Applications for Operational Implementation

This book provides a framework for a series of design reviews that should be conducted to ensure the delivery of quality database and application code. It defines what a database design review is, and offers guidance on structuring the design review meetings, assigning appropriate participants to attend, and describing the timing and purpose of each meeting and attendee.

You can use this book as a template for establishing a consistent approach to database design reviews in your organization.

Regulatory Compliance for Data & Database Systems: Protect Your Sensitive Data

Being in compliance with governmental and industry regulations is important for organizations of all types and sizes. Indeed, there are numerous regulations impacting your data and database systems, ranging from industry regulations like PCI DSS to more encompassing governmental regulations like GDPR. There are around 100,000 regulations "out there" so it is certain that many of them apply to you and your business. But what do you need to do to protect your senstive data to comply with all these regulations?

This book delivers an introduction to the regulatory landscape and its impact on data and database systems and management. We will take a high-level look at some of the most impactful regulations that affect how we manage database systems. The primary focus of this book is to examine several techniques that can be used to ensure compliance. We will look at things like database auditing, data masking, and data archiving. And it will show the tactics and software required to implement compliance within your database systems.
Armed with the information in this book you can confidently implement effective compliance for your corporate databases and systems.

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Craig S. Mullins said...

I've also published a new short book on the proper design and use of "Database Views" since this blog was written.