Monday, October 11, 2021

What is Db2?

For regular readers of this blog the title of this particular post might seem to be a bit odd. After all, why visit the Db2Portal blog if you don't know what Db2 is, right?

Well, the purpose of this short post is to refer my regular readers to an article I wrote for TechTarget, a website that regularly posts "What Is" type of articles.

So, you guessed it, I wrote the latest, updated "What is Db2?" article for TechTarget... and I figured I'd share it with my blog readers. 

Now whenever somebody asks a high-level question about Db2, like "what is it?" or "what are the advantages and disadvantages of Db2" or even "where can I run Db2?" you now have a place to send them...

Here ---> What is Db2?

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