Monday, April 06, 2020

Db2 Quarantine Book Sale

Just a quick note to offer up a discount on my latest book, A Guide to Db2 Performance for Application Developers, during the quarantine. The book was written for application programmers, providing guidance and assistance for writing efficient application code for Db2. The book covers both Db2 for z/OS and Db2 for LUW, and is available in both printed and eBook formats:

So how do you get a discount? 
Then you will need to decide if you want the ebook or the print book, and when checking out, enter the correct coupon code. 
  • For the print book, use code db2N for 10% off
  • For the ebook, use code db2W for 5% off

Then enter your payment details and enjoy!

This book will make you a better programmer by teaching you how to write efficient code to access Db2 databases. Whether you write applications on the mainframe or distributed systems, this book will teach you practices, methods, and techniques for optimizing your SQL and applications as you build them. Write efficient applications and become your DBA's favorite developer by learning the techniques outlined in this book!

What you will get from reading this book is a well-grounded basis for designing and developing efficient Db2 applications that perform well.

If you'd rather order the book somewhere else (without the discounts) it is also available at:
But I hope you'll order a copy today for yourself, your favorite programmer, or better yet, your least-favorite programmer (because the book will help improve their abilities)!

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