Monday, June 22, 2015

The DBMS Market Circa 2015

Today's blog post is to call attention to a series of articles and product overviews I have been writing for the TechTarget SearchDataManagement portal on Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Firstly, I wrote a 7 part series of articles reviewing the DBMS technology circa 2015. This series spans relational, NoSQL and in-memory database technology and here are the links to each of the seven articles:

Now you may be asking, why would I provide links to these articles on a DB2 blog? Good question. The answer is that it behooves you to keep up to date on the latest breakthroughs and offerings in the world of data management. Sure, we all can agree that DB2 is great and should be used by everybody! But let's face it, our organizations are going to have data-related projects where DB2 is not the primary DBMS... so read through those articles and get up to speed on the new NoSQL and in-memory database offerings out there.

I have also been writing a series of DBMS product overview documents that briefly review and highlight the features and capabilities of many popular DBMSes. I won't share all of them with you here today (if you are interested, they will all be linked to, over time, on my web site at  I will, though, share the link for the TechTarget product overview I wrote of DB2: IBM DB2 relational DBMS overview.

That's all for today... thanks for reading!

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