Wednesday, May 21, 2014

IBM DB2 11 Tools and Utilities: Delivering timely value to your business

Migrating to any new software release can be a lot easier when you are familiar with new features prior to deployment. So it stands to reason that you should familiarize yourself with new DB2 functionality before you try to migrate your environment to a new version. This training can take the form of:
  • Reading the DB2 manuals, especially the What’s New manual and the Technical Overview redbook that typically comes out with each new version of DB2
  • Attending presentations on the new release, whether online, at user groups, or even at IDUG or IBM Insight (which used to be the IOD conference)
  • Formal training from IBM or other sources

But the bottom line is that you need to educate yourself in advance of migrating to any new version of DB2... Otherwise, you may not be ready to move to the new version on a schedule that fits your business needs.

With IBM DB2 11 for z/OS, you can have a smoother migration process that also enables you to deploy key applications faster. New features and capabilities, both within DB2 11 and the tools and utilities that support DB2 can make migration easier.

And, of course, DB2 11 for z/OS comes with out-of the box cost savings and features that allow you to do more with business-critical analytics and applications. But are your DB2 Tools and DB2 Utilities ready to provide you complete exploitation or support? Do you know the difference?

Join me on June 10, 2014 as I deliver a webcast on DB2 11 for z/OS Tools and Utilities on behalf of IBM. During this informative webinar I will take you through some of the key features in DB2 11 and the importance of timely support for these features by your DB2 tools and utilities. I’ll expose some of the new capabilities of IBM’s tools and utilities for DB2 and I’ll also share ways to make your DB2 11 migration simpler, safer and faster.

And I’ll see you in June!

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