Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Twelve DBA Rules of Thumb... a summary

Over the past couple of months this blog has offered up some rules of thumb for DBAs to follow that can help you to build a successful and satisfying career as a DBA. These twelve rules of thumb worked well for me as I worked my way through my career and I have shared them with you, my faithful readers, so that you can benefit from my experiences. I hope you find them useful... and if I have missed anything, please post a comment with your thoughts and experiences on being a good DBA.

As a reminder of what we have discussed, I am posting a short synopsis of the Twelves DBA Rules of Thumb here, along with links to each blog post.

 1. Write Down Everything
 2. Automate Routine Tasks
 3. Share Your Knowledge
 4. Analyze, Simplify and Focus
 5. Don't Panic!
 6. Be Prepared
 7. Don't Be a Hermit
 8. Understand the Business, Not Just the Technology
 9. Ask for Help When You Need It
10. Keep Up-to-Date
11. Invest in Yourself
12. Be a Packrat

Good luck with your career as a DBA...

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