Saturday, January 25, 2014

DBA Rules of Thumb - Part 12 (Be a Packrat)

Today's post in the DBA Rules of Thumb series is short and sweet. It can be simply stated as "Keep Everything!"

Database administration is the perfect job for you if you are a pack rat.

It is a good practice to keep everything you come across during the course of performing your job. When you slip up and throw something away, it always seems like you come across a task the very next day where that stuff would have come in handy... but you you threw it out!

I still own some printed manuals for DB2 Version 2. They are packed up in a plastic tub in my garage, but I have them in case I need them.


dn said...

(with my tongue firmly in my cheek)
Did you forget to advise that in keeping all this stuff, as a pack-rat; it should all be catalogued and filed in a DB somewhere?

Craig S. Mullins said...

But of course!