Tuesday, October 26, 2010

News From The IOD Conference

As usual, IBM has put out a number of press releases in conjunction with the Information On Demand conference, and I will use today’s blog to summarize some of the highlights of these releases.

First of all, IBM is rightly proud of the fact that more than 700 SAP clients have turned to IBM DB2 database software to manage heavy database workloads for improved performance… and, according to IBM, at a lower cost. By that they mean at a lower cost than Oracle. Even though the press release does not state that these SAP sites chose DB2 over Oracle, the IBM executive I spoke with yesterday made it clear that that was indeed the case.

This stampede of SAP customers over to DB2 should not be a surprise because DB2 is SAP’s preferred database software. This might be surprising given that SAP recently acquired Sybase, but IBM notes that seven Sybase runs SAP on DB2.

The press release goes on to call out several customers who are using DB2 with SAP and their reasons for doing so. For example, Reliance Life chose DB2 for the better transaction performance and faster access to data it delivered. Banco de Brasil, on the other hand, was looking to reduce power consumption and storage by consolidating its database management systems.

IBM also announced new software that helps clients automate content-centric processes and manage unstructured content. The highlight of this announcement is IBM Case Manager, software that integrates content and process management with advanced analytics, business rules, collaboration and social software.

IBM also enhanced its content analytics software. NTT DOCOMO of Japan is impressed with IBM’s offering. “With Content Analytics, we have an integrated view of all information that’s relevant to out business in one place regardless of where it’s stored,” said Makoto Ichise, Manager of Information Systems Department Group at NTT DOCOMO.

IBM also enhanced its Information Governance solutions and announced further usage of it InfoSphere Streams product for analyzing medical data to improve healthcare.

So IBM software keeps improving and helping us to better manage our data in a constantly changing world…

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