Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free DB2 Education Webinar Series

Want to learn more about DB2 for z/OS but there is no money in the education budget? Can you spare an hour a week over the course of a month? Well then, you are in luck because SoftwareOnZ is sponsoring a series of DB2 webinars presented by yours truly, Craig S. Mullins

Each webinar will be focused on a specific DB2 topic so you can pick and choose the ones that are most interesting to you – or attend them all and receive a certificate signed by me indicating that you have completed The DB2 Education Webinar Series.

The schedule and topics for these sessions follows:

September 28, 2010 – DB2 Access Paths: Surviving and Thriving

Binding your DB2 programs creates access paths that dictate how your applications will access DB2 data. But it can be tricky to understand exactly what is going on. There are many options and it can be difficult to select the proper ones… and to control when changes need to be made.

This presentation will clarify the BIND process, enabling you to manage DB2 application performance by controlling your DB2 access paths. And it will introduce a new, GUI-based product for managing when your programs need to be rebound.

October 5, 2010 – Optimizing DB2 Database Administration

DB2 DBAs are tasked with working in a complex technological environment, and as such, the DBA has to know many things about many things. This makes for busy days. How often have you asked yourself, “Where does the time go?”

Well, the more operational duties that can be automated and streamlined, the more effective a DBA can be. This presentation will address issues that every DB2 Database Administrator and/or DB2 Systems Programmer faces on a daily basis. And it will introduce a new tool, DB-Genie, that will reduce the amount of time, effort, and human error involved in maintaining DB2 databases.

October 12, 2010 – DB2 Storage: Don’t Ignore the Details!

For many DB2 professionals, storage management can be an afterthought. What with designing, building, and maintaining databases, assuring recoverability, monitoring performance, and so on, keeping track of where and how your databases are stored is not top of mind. But a storage problem can bring your databases and applications to a grinding halt, so it is not wise to ignore your storage needs.

This presentation will discuss the important storage-related details regarding DB2 for z/OS, including some of the newer storage options at your disposal. And we will also introduce a new web-based tool for monitoring all of your mainframe DB2 storage.

October 19, 2010 – The DB2 Application Developer’s Aid de Camp

Building DB2 application programs is a thankless job. And it can be difficult to ensure that you have a effective and efficient development environment for coding DB2 applications. Can you easily identify which tables are related to which… and what indexes are available so you code queries the right way the first time? Do you have the right data to test your programs? Can you make quick and dirty changes to just a few tables or rows without having to write yet another program?

This presentation will discuss the issues and difficulties that developers encounter on a daily basis as they build DB2 applications… and it will present a useful programmer-focused toolset for overcoming these difficulties.


Certainly there will be something of interest for every DB2 professional in at least one, if not all, of these complimentary web-based seminars.

So what’s stopping you? Sign up today!


Craig S. Mullins said...

We have had very good attendance at these webinars and the feedback has been very positive. At this point (10/14/2010), there is still time to register for and attend the final session covering DB2 application development issues.

Anonymous said...


Were the webinars recorded? Could you please share the recordings for the benefit of all those who missed out...

Craig S. Mullins said...

Yes, the webinars were recorded and can all be accessed on the web site.

The link is

Scroll down to about the middle of the page and there are links to all 4 of the DB2 education series webinars.

lirus said...

The link is
Sorry, this page doesn't exist.
Please check the URL or go back a page.
404 Error. Page Not Found.

Craig S. Mullins said...

The resources are no longer available as that company has gone out of business. Sorry about that but this is over 10 years old and these type of things happen!