Monday, May 12, 2008

Database Archiving Trends and Best Practices Webinar

Just a quick blog entry today to promote my upcoming webinar on May 30, 2008 titled Database Archiving Trends and Best Practices.

A variety of trends and issues are contributing to the growing requirement within enterprises to archive database data for long-term retention and preservation. This webinar will review the trends driving database archiving, including regulatory compliance issues, e-discovery, operational performance improvement, and retiring legacy applications. After examining the driving forces for database archiving, we will walk through the basic steps required to implement best practices based database archiving practice.

If your databases are bursting at the seams, your organization is experiencing compliance-related troubles and/or lawsuits, or you need to figure out how to sunset an old database application or two, this presentation will provide guidance, advice, and a workable template for you to follow.

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