Friday, July 28, 2006

IBM Software Support Toolbar

It seems like everyone under the sun is offering a toolbar to add in to the Internet Explorer browser. Google has one, Yahoo has one, and so do countless others. Now, IBM has one, too.

The new IBM Software Support Toolbar plugs into your browser to allow you to search IBM's Support knowledge base using keywords, specific error codes or exact phrases. You can also use it to search or browse for product downloads including Fix Packs, Updates, Patches, etc. So if you have trouble remembering how to get to the IBM site for support, or just want a quicker way to get there, the IBM Software Support Toolbar could prove itself to be quite helpful.

The toolbar even allows you to seek specific results for a specific brand. So you can scroll to the "Information Management" brand and select from that sub-menu. That way you'd only be looking for the "database stuff"...

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