Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Free DB2 Statistics Health Check Software

NEON Enterprise Software SEGUS, Inc. is offering free software for checking the health of the statistics in your DB2 Catalog.

Statistics HealthCheck for DB2 z/OS enables you to quickly and effectively analyze and judge the quality of your DB2 Catalog statistics. Checking the health of your DB2 subsystem is especially important considering the heightened sensitivity of DB2 V8 and V9 to bad statistics.

The extensive rule system used by Statistics HealthCheck is based on IBM’s own recommendations for maintaining good statistics. Using a violation system, Statistics HealthCheck pinpoints precisely those objects that could benefit from a RUNSTATS utility health check—or that otherwise require statistics housekeeping.

Statistics HealthCheck is particularly useful as a prerequisite to Bind ImpactExpert during a V8 migration. First, Statistics HealthCheck identifies the RUNSTATs you need. Then, Bind ImpactExpert provides REBIND insurance to further guarantee consistent and improved access paths.

With Statistics HealthCheck, you know exactly what is “wrong” with your statistics so that you can proactively correct any problems that might negatively affect DB2 subsystem performance.

And come on, it is free after all. What do you have to lose by downloading it and trying it on your DB2 subsystems today?


Just a quick note to explain that since the links in this blog posting were no longer valid, I modified them. This offering is now being provided by SEGUS, and it is still a free download. The statistics health check software can be downloaded at the following link:


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