Wednesday, May 10, 2006

IDUG Day Three

It has been a busy couple of days here at the IDUG conference in Tampa this week. Let me catch you up if you aren't lucky enough to be here.

First of all, the vendor exhibit hall was rocking Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday - but as of lunch today, the exhibit hall is over. Let's see, Compuware was giving away yo-yo's, Golden Gate had light up balls, NEON Enterprise Software was giving away cool black t-shirts, the Database Brothers were zooming around the hall on a Segway that they were giving away, and SoftBase had a slew of stuff including sunglasses, baseball caps, and stop watches. And IBM has finally put out a DB2 Catalog poster of their own. So now you can choose whether you want the CA, BMC, or IBM version. Or better yet, get all three and use them to wall paper your cubicle!

And let's not forget that CA held their annual party which is always a highlight of the show - at least for the drinkers in the crowd. But wait-a-minute, I don't think I've met the DBA who won't quaff a brew when it is offered for free. So I guess fun was had by one and all.

What about the serious stuff, you might ask? OK, I spent several sessions over the past two days concentrating on backup and recovery stuff. I mentioned Thomas Bauman's presentation on Day One, but I also saw Dave Schwartz of IBM outline the capabilities of IBM's Recovery Tools and Ulf Heinreich of Software Engineering talk about SEG's new Recovery Health Check for DB2 z/OS offering. Ulf's presentation discussed how automated daily checks can assure that each DB2 database object can always be recovered reliably and as fast as possible. The product can tell you how long it will take to recover - and isn't that what your boss is always leaning over your shoulder to ask when things go awry? "When will the recovery be done? When will the application be back up?" Wouldn't it be nice to tell him, "36.3 minutes, now make yourself useful and get me a refill on this coffee!"

The conference is winding down, and tomorrow will be the last day. I still have my presentation on Nulls - if you want a preview of that, read my blog from a week or so ago titled Using Nulls in DB2.

So this will be my last post from the IDUG show floor - after my presentation tomorrow, my wife is flying over here to join me for a few days of vacation on the Florida coast. After this week, I think I've earned... heck, we've all earned it, so maybe I'll see some fellow attendees on the beach this weekend. Just don't ask me to take a look at that outer join that is vexing you - I'm on vacation!

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