Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Lied! One More IDUG Blog

OK, so yesterday I said that I wasn't going to post another blog entry from IDUG, but I guess that was a lie because here I am posting another entry. But not to fear, this will be a short one.

I just finished my final presentation (the one on NULLs) and I'm sitting in an empty hallway as I type this. And, I have to say, this has been a very productive IDUG.

Anyway, I know that my blogs on IDUG this week have been brief, but that is because IDUG is a very busy week for me (as it is for most of the attendees, I suppose). If you are looking for more in-depth coverage of IDUG, I suggest you check out IDUG's Official Conference Blog. There is a LOT of great stuff (as well as pictures) posted there.

Also, if you are interested in another perspective on IDUG, click on over to Willie Favero's DB2 Blog for Willie's insights on the week.



Dipesh Khakhkhar said...

Hi ,

If I have question regarding dynamic sql shall i ask you here or do you have some forum where I can ask you.

I was referrring to this article

I have one question in my dynamic sql. Please inform me if you get time to read this comment.


Craig S. Mullins said...

You can ask your question right here if you want.