Tuesday, December 03, 2019

A Guide to Db2 Application Performance for Developers: A Holiday Discount!

Regular readers of my blog know that I have written a couple of Db2 books, including DB2 Developer's Guide, which has been in print for over 20 years across 6 different editions. But you may not be aware that I recently wrote a new Db2 book, this time focusing on the things that application programmers and developers need to do to write programs that perform well from the very start. This new book is called A Guide to Db2 Application Performance for Developers.

You see, in my current role as an independent consultant that focuses on data management issues and involves a lot of work with Db2, I get to visit a lot of different organizations... and I get to see a lot of poorly performing programs and applications. So I thought: "Wouldn't it be great if there was a book I could recommend that would advise coders on how to ensure optimal performance in their code as they write their Db2 programs?" Well, now there is... 
A Guide to Db2 Application Performance for Developers.

This book is written for all Db2 professionals, covering both Db2 for LUW and Db2 for z/OS. When there are pertinent differences between the two it will be pointed out in the text. The book’s focus is on develop­ing applications, not database and system administration. So it doesn’t cover the things you don’t do on a daily basis as an application coder.  Instead, the book offers guidance on application devel­opment procedures, techniques, and philosophies for producing optimal code. The goal is to educate developers on how to write good appli­cation code that lends itself to optimal performance. 

By following the principles in this book you should be able to write code that does not require significant remedial, after-the-fact modifications by performance ana­lysts. If you follow the guidelines in this book your DBAs and performance analysts will love you!

The book does not rehash material that is freely available in Db2 manuals that can be downloaded or read online. It is assumed that the reader has access to the Db2 manuals for their environment (Linux, Unix, Windows, z/OS).

The book is not a tutorial on SQL; it assumes that you have knowledge of how to code SQL statements and embed them in your applications. Instead, it offers advice on how to code your programs and SQL statements for performance.

What you will get from reading this book is a well-grounded basis for designing and developing efficient Db2 applications that perform well. 

OK, you may be saying, but what about that "Holiday Discount" you mention in the title? Well, I am offering a discount for anyone who buys the book before the end of the year (2019). There are different discounts and codes for the print and ebook versions of the book:

  • To receive a 5% discount on the print version of the book, use code 5poff when you order at this link.
  • To receive $5.00 off on the ebook version of the book, user code 5off when you order at this link.
These codes only work on the Bookbaby site. You can, of course, buy the book at other book stores, such as Amazon, at whatever price they are currently charging!

Happy holidays... and why not treat the programmer in your life to a copy of A Guide to Db2 Application Performance for Developers?  They'll surely thank you for it.

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