Tuesday, July 12, 2016

DB2 for z/OS Webinar: Who Did What to Which Data When?

Today's blog post is to let you know about an upcoming webinar (July 21, 2016) that I am conducting with CorreLog on the topic of database auditing for DB2 for z/OS. 

Unless you have been living under a rock these past few years you will have heard at least something about the many data breaches, hacks, and security issues that have been prevalent in the news. These issues have resulted in numerous industry and governmental regulations that organizations must understand and comply with. Data professionals, in particular, need to be vigilant in the tools and techniques that are available for better protecting their company’s data, and tracking those that access it. One of the most important of these techniques is database auditing. 

Database auditing provides a facility for tracking the use of database resources and authority. When auditing is enabled, each audited database operation produces an audit trail of information including information such as what database object was impacted, who performed the operation and when. The comprehensive audit trail of
database operations produced can be maintained over time to allow DBAs and auditors, as well as any authorized personnel, to perform in-depth analysis of access and modification patterns against data in the DBMS.

With this basic information on database auditing in mind, you should be able to readily see how auditing can help your organization answer questions like:

  • “Who accessed or changed critical data?” and 
  • “When was the data actually changed?” and perhaps even
  • “What was the old content prior to the change?” 

Your ability to answer such questions can make or break a compliance audit. Of course, these are just the high-level details. To delve more deeply into the important issues involving database auditing requires time and research... or you can attend our upcoming webinar and get up to speed quickly on the essentials you need to know!

The webinar, entitled Who Did What to Which Data When? will elaborate on database auditing details and issues such as the data breach trends and how costly they can be, an overview of pertinent regulations and their impact, and the various types of database auditing methods with their pros and cons... all with a specific focus on mainframe DB2. And there will also be an overview and demo of CorreLog's database auditing offering for DB2 for z/OS. 

You can learn all of this and more on Thursday, July 21, 2016, at 11:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

But you have to register to attend, so be sure to click here to register.

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