Friday, November 14, 2014

Database Basics for Beginners

Every now and then I get e-mail from readers of my blogs asking introductory/beginner questions about databases and DBMS. I cannot take the time to answer all of these e-mails in-depth, so I thought I blog a quick post with some good resources for folks.

I think a good place to start is an article I wrote several years ago now titled What is a Database? This article breaks down the benefits of a database, outlines the difference between a database and a DBMS, and provides some guidance for further reading (suggested books).

Other questions I am get asked frequently involve database administration. One is: What Does a DBA Do? Follow the link to find my answer to that question. Another is: how can I become a DBA? I wrote an article titled How to Become a DBA to answer that one. And finally, another frequent topic is: How many DBAs do I need? That is a tricky one, but I propose a framework to help answer that question in an article titled DBA Staffing Considerations.

I also get a lot of DB2 for z/OS questions. And I've written a book on that topic, plus a bunch of DB2 articles, too (all of which can be found here).

So I guess what I am saying here is to take a look at what is already "out there" to see if your questions can be answered on the web. But, please, keep the questions coming. If I do not answer your e-mail do not be discouraged. I do read most of them (unless it gets caught in my spam collector). Even if I do not have the time to respond, I keep track of what is asked and use it as input into my writing process... so you may see an answer pop up online in a blog, article, or column I write... eventually.

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