Friday, August 15, 2014

Join the Transaction TweetChat

Today's blog post is an invitation to join me -- and several of my esteemed colleagues -- on Twitter on August 20, 2014 for a TweetChat on transactions.

Now that sentence may have caused some of you to have a couple questions. First of all, what is a TweetChat? Well, a TweetChat is a pre-arranged conversation that happens on Twitter. It is arranged by an organizer (for this one, that would be IBM) and features several invited "experts" to discuss the topic at hand.

The featured guests for this TweetChat are:
  • Scott Hayes – @srhayes
  • Craig Mullins  @craigmullins
  • Kelly Schlamb  @KSchlamb
But everybody can participate. All that you need is a Twitter account and the hashtag, which for this event is #Transactions. You can search for the #Transactions hashtag, and all of the tweets using that hashtag will show up. You can participate in the TweetChat simply by including the hashtag #Transactions in your tweets.

So if you are interested in the conversation topic -- transactions -- be sure to join us and participate in the discussion... or at least just listen in to hear what folks think...

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