Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DBA Rules of Thumb - Part 1

Over the years I have gathered, written, and assimilated multiple collections of general rules of the road that apply to the management discipline of Database Administration (DBA). With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of these Rules of Thumb (or ROTs) with you in a series of entries to my blog.

Now even though this is a DB2-focused blog, the ROTs that I will be covering here are generally applicable to all DBMSs and database professionals.

The theme for this series of posts is that database administration is a very technical discipline. There is a lot to know and a lot to learn. But just as important as technical acumen is the ability to carry oneself properly and to embrace the job appropriately. DBAs are, or at least should be, very visible politically within the organization. As such, DBAs should be armed with the proper attitude and knowledge before attempting to practice the discipline of database administration.

Today's blog entry offers up an introduction, to let you know what is coming. But I also will share with you the first Rule of Thumb... which is

#1 -- Write Down Everything

During the course of performing your job as a DBA, you are likely to encounter many challenging tasks and time consuming problems. Be sure to document the processes you use to resolve problems and overcome challenges. Such documentation can be very valuable should you encounter the same, or a similar, problem in the future. It is better to read your notes than to try to recreate a scenario from memory.

Think about it like this... aren't we always encouraging developers to document their code? Well, you should be documenting your DBA procedures and practices, too!

And in Future Posts...

In subsequent posts over the course of the next few weeks I post some basic guidelines to help you become a well-rounded, respected, and professional DBA.

I encourage your feedback along the way. Feel free to share your thoughts and Rules of Thumb -- and to agree or disagree with those I share.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Craig. I am a DBA aspirant and I hope your blog will truely inspire me.

vish said...

Thanks...Would like to learn on this more and more.