Monday, October 24, 2011

Information On Demand 2011: Day One (#IOD11)

Well, the first day of the IOD conference is just about behind us. As usual, Sunday is a day to get acclimated to Vegas and the Mandalay Bay conference center. If you are here, I hope you brought some comfortable shoes, because you'll be doing a LOT of walking.
Typically, the highlight of the first day is the opening of the Expo Hall, and this year was no exception. The hall was jam-packed with IBM booths demonstrating and promoting all kinds of software, from DB2 to Informix to Analytics to InfoSphere to Big Data to Cloud and more. And there were also a large number of ISVs in the Expo Hall, too. It could take most of the week to visit all of the booths and learn about all the great technology on display.
But, of course, we won't be doing that. Tomorrow is the beginning of the educational sessions, kicking off in the morning with the general session, which this year is titled Turning Insight Into Action. Actually, that is the theme of this year's conference, too.
Word is that attendance is up this year over the 10,000 attendees at last year's conference. I haven't heard an official number yet, but I've heard rumors of more than 11,000 attendees this year.
As the week progresses, I will tweet ( my experiences, and blog about the conference daily. So be sure to check back here, as well as on my Twitter feed, for the straight scoop from IOD.
To end today blog posting on a high note, here are a few facts about the latest IBM Information Management and Business Intelligence activities:
  • IBM projects $16 billion in business analytics software and services revenue by 2015
  • Over the past 5 years, IBM has invested more than $14 billion in 25 key acquisitions including Cognos, Netezza, and SPSS (and many others)
  • IBM is committed to researching advanced analytics technologies as demonstrated by Watson (who is here at the conference) and IBM's $100 millions investment to develop new tools toward tackling Big Data challenges.
  • Analytics software and services for IBM were up 17 percent in their second quarter
Also, remember that I will be videotaping highlights and interviews from the conference this year in conjunction with SoftBase Systems. You can find links to these videos as the become available daily at
Goodbye for now... Hope to see you all again tomorrow as we discuss day two of the conference...

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