Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Deprecated Features Planned for DB2 X for z/OS

Everyone is always interested in the latest and greatest features of their favorite DBMS, in this case DB2. But sometimes features get removed from the DBMS when a new version is released. According to the IBM teleconference on DB2 X for z/OS today, there are several features planned to be deprecated (i.e. removed). Let's briefly take a look at them.

The first feature that will be removed is private protocol DRDA. This should come as no surprise to anybody since IBM has been indicating that private protocal distribution was on its way out for a number of releases now. And it really is not that difficult to convert to DRDA (and there will be some new help in DSNTP2DP).

Perhaps more troublesome to some shops will be the removal of support for plans containing DBRMs. You will have to convert the DBRMs to packages when you get to DB2 X. You would think that since packages have been available as far back as V2.3 that most shops would have converted to them already. But I do know that there are some shops out there" who still have DBRMs bound directly into their plans. So start planning to convert ASAP! IBM will offer some support in DB2 X to track down affected plans.

While on the topic of plans and packages, you will have to REBIND any that have not been rebound since V5 or before. But it is a good rule to REBIND everything when you go to a new version of DB2 anyway, and most (but not all) shops do that.

From a documentation perspective, BookManager will no longer be supported. Instead we get the PDF versions and the Info Center online.

And the DB2 Management Clients (DB2 Administration Server, Control Center, and Development Center) are deprecated. IBM's new management client direction for DB2 is Data Studio.

Other deprecated items include:
  • Workload capture through profile monitor
  • XML Extender [change to use pureXML data type]
  • DB2 MQ XML user-defined functions and stored procedures [change to XML functions]
  • msys for Setup DB2 Customization Center [change to install panels]
At this point, DB2 X is on track to become generally available at the end of next year, 2010. At this point IBM has announced that migration will be supported from DB2 9 NFM (and has hinted that they are considering supporting migration to DB2 X directly from DB2 V8 NFM).

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