Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hasn't DB2 9 for z/OS Been GA for 2 Years Now?

Just a quick note to question the entire DB2 community about embracing the latest (I hesitate to call a 2 year old product "new") version of DB2. Isn't it about time that most of the DB2 base moved to DB2 V9?

Why would people not be moving? Well, there is always the cost and time involved in migrating to a new version. Perhaps organizations are not willing to expend the resources needed to migrate as frequently as they did in the past.

Perhaps some organizations are waiting for others to shake the bugs out of a new release. But this is troublesome. The more organizations that follow that approach, the longer it takes for those that do adopt the latest version to fully test the software. Which means that waiting might not help.

There is also the possibility that some organizations do not find a compelling need for the new functionality offered by V9. Even if that is the case, most organizations still should want the performance gains to be had by upgrading. But to fully take advantage of that requires rebinding, which also takes time and resources to do properly.

And then there is the issue of support for new versions. Organizations need their DB2 tool providers (ISVs and IBM) to not only support, but exploit the new features of the "new" version. Remember a few years ago when IBM entered the DB2 tools market in a big way? One of their stated objectives was to provide day one support for new versions. I wonder what happened to that objective? It is years after V9 GA and many of the IBM tools (according to IBM's own web site) only offer a "very limited number of new functions and features of DB2 9."

So is your shop at DB2 V9 yet? If not, why? If so, howzitgoing?

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