Friday, January 02, 2009

Recovery AssuranceExpert for DB2 z/OS: Automating the IT risk management of business availability

Business availability is more than just having a reliable hardware and database platform in place. Even the best high availability environment cannot safeguard itself from logical errors. Since most companies cannot afford downtime, it is important that the enterprise data on which they depend is always available.

Well-planned recovery procedures should be able to assure a complete recovery of enterprise-critical data within a pre-defined time window that provides for minimum disruption of the business. However, within complex environments, it is nearly impossible to perform recovery tests without disrupting the production system. Therefore, even the best-planned recovery scenarios fail because of operational risks resulting from unforeseen and typically immeasurable vulnerabilities.

If you are interested in minimizing the risk associated with DB2 for z/OS availability and recoverability, read this white paper by Brenda Honeycutt to learn about the value of regular, periodic health checks to assure your recovery time objectives for DB2 recoverability.

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