Monday, October 20, 2008

DBA Rules of Thumb

Database administration is a very technical discipline, but it is also a discipline in which the practitioner is very visible politically within the organization. As such, DBAs should be armed with the proper attitude and knowledge before attempting to practice the discipline of database administration.

Just as important as technical acumen, though, is the ability to carry oneself properly and to embrace the job appropriately. With this in mind, I wrote a series of blog entries on DBA Rules of Thumb over at my Data Management Today blog... and I thought the information I wrote there may be helpful to my DB2 and mainframe readership here, so I'm sharing the eight rules of thumb (with links) here on my DB2 Portal blog:
  1. Document Everything!
  2. Automate Ingelligently
  3. Share
  4. Don't Panic!
  5. Focus Your Efforts
  6. Invest In Yourself
  7. Diversify
  8. Develop Business Acumen
What do you think? Did I miss anything important?

P.S. Just a reminder that I will be presenting a webinar on assuring DB2 recoverability with my colleague, Michael Figaro, this Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 10:30 Central time. If you are at all interested in the topic, be sure to register today - and attend this Thursday!

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