Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Most Recent DB2 Articles

Today I'm posting a quick blog entry to let my readers know about a couple of recent DB2-related articles/columns that I've had published. You can always keep up-to-date on my writings by visiting my web site at http://www.craigsmullins.com/articles.htm.

Any way, the following three articles might be of interest to DB2 for z/OS folks:

Use Real Time Statistics to Automate Your Database Maintenance was published in the April/May 2008 issue of zJournal. This article examines Real Time Statistics (RTS) and the benefits that can be accrued by using RTS. If you aren't using RTS yet, be sure to read this article to learn why you should!

Collecting Histogram Statistics With RUNSTATS was published in the March 2008 issue of DB2 Update. This article discusses one of the many new enhancements that have found their way into DB2 9 for z/OS -- the ability to gather histogram statistics with the IBM RUNSTATS utility.

And finally, the February/March 2008 issue of zJournal contains Much Ado About DB2 Locking. This installation of the z/Data Perspectives column takes a look at the most recent, new locking-related features of DB2 for z/OS.

Happy reading!

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