Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Miscellaneous Utility Enhancements [DB2 9 for z/OS]

Today we will continue along with our coverage of new features and functionality oif DB2 9, specifically within the IBM DB2 utilities. Here we will discuss several miscellaneous changes introduced to the IBM DB2 utilities in version 9.

One of these small changes comes to us with the DSN1LOGP utility. The utility will now detect possible erroneous recovery information. For example, consider a situation where you specify a range of log records to print but the entire range is no longer recorded in the BSDS. This can happen if your archive logs have rolled off. Prior to DB2 V9 DSN1LOGP would have just merrily printed the records for you. But because this can be confusing and c ould lead you to recoverying improperly, V9 will detect this situation, produce a RC 4 and the DSN1224I error message Indicating logs could not be found.

Another nice new utility-related enhancement made to DB2 9 for z/OS is that the DB2 Utilities Panel within DB2I adds an option for you to specify the SDSNLOAD library. This is useful when there are more than one DB2 subsystems on an LPAR.

DSN1COPY has been enhanced, too. As of DB2 9 for z/OS, running DSN1COPY RESET to copy a compressed table space from a non-data sharing DB2 subsystem to another non-data sharing subsystem will copy the specified data and reset the PGLOGRBA of each page and the dictionary version. In V7 and V8 the dictionary version was not reset (instead, you had to REORG the copied table space with KEEPDICTIONARY=NO in the target subsystem). This was not an issue for data sharing because the LRSN is used instead of an RBA.

Keep an eye out for future editions of this blog where we will go over the V9 changes for REORG and the BACKUP and RESTORE SYSTEM utilities.

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