Saturday, October 21, 2006

DB2 for z/OS: Data Sharing in a Nutshell

Just a short blog entry this week to let everyone know about a new IBM redbook titled "DB2 for z/OS: Data Sharing in a Nutshell."

This redbook is an essential read for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of DB2's usage of data sharing. According to the redbook website, "(t)his IBM Redbook is meant to facilitate your journey towards data sharing by providing a cookbook approach to the main tasks in enabling data sharing and workload balancing. It does not have all the answers, because it is a brief summary of a large field of knowledge, but it contains the key elements and it points you in the right direction to get more details. Throughout this document we assume that your sysplex environment is set up and a DB2 subsystem exists at a currently supported level."

This redbook offers 8 chapters highlighting how to implement and tune data sharing for optimum DB2 performance and availability. Download the manual (SG24-7322) for free from the web by clicking here.

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