Monday, February 20, 2006

Can You Write a Redbook?

If you've been working with mainframes for any period of time you have almost certainly become familiar with the IBM redbook. These are supplemental manuals that IBM writes and distributes free-of-charge. They can be on just about any technical topic.

Well, when I said IBM writes them, I should have been more clear. IBM guides the writing of them and solicits its customers to help out. It does this via residencies. A residency is an intensive, multi-week work effort where small teams explore and document product implementation, integration and operations. Each team is directed by an IBMer from their technical publications group. The team will consist of professionals from IBM field and development, from IBM Business Partners, from customers, and from the marketplace in general. So, you too, can research and write an IBM redbook!

Of course, you have to make sure that you have the expertise, willingness, and time to work on the project.

For a list of available residencies, click here:

And if you are a DB2 for z/OS practitioner (as most readers of this blog should be) there is a very interesting residency available Powering SOA with DB2 for z/OS.
The redbook is going to depict how DB2 is SOA-enabled to provide web services. Topics to be covered will include:
  • the Service Oriented Architecture,
  • DB2 z/OS Web Services support,
  • Web Services operations,
  • Security, Provider and Consumer scenarios,
  • SOA runtime environments to access DB2 for z/OS,
  • Service Data Objects, and
  • XML functions.
So, if you know any of this, are interested in learning how to develop web services for DB2 for z/OS, and have always wanted to help write one of those redbooks, click below and read how to participate:

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