Sunday, January 15, 2006

Design Guidelines for High Performance and Availability

Just a short blog entry this week to alert everyone to a newly published IBM redbook titled "DB2 UDB for z/OS: Design Guidelines for High Performance and Availability." This redbook is an essential read for anyone who is interested in squeezing the highest levels of availability and optimum performance from a mainframe DB2 application.

In just under 500 pages the authors share a wealth of tuning techniques that all DB2 shops should have access to. Download the manual (SG24-7134) for free from the web by clicking here.


Nathan said...

Cool, I guess this is probably the wrong blog for me b/c I use DB2 for LUW, but I enjoy reading it anyhow. I was wondering if there was a similar redbook for LUW? I couldn't find one that seemed the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,

You can find below a short list of Blogs about DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW:

IDUG 2006 Europe Conference Planning Committee.

Willy Unger said...

Great book. Several of the considerations treated here apply also to DB2 for LUW.