Friday, November 04, 2016

The Tao of DB2 - Part 11: Calm Inaction: a Difficult Lesson to Learn

The young intern DBA and his mentor were developing training for the new version of DB2 when the intern became distracted by a hubbub just outside their cubicles.

"What is going on out there?" asked the intern, out loud, to nobody in particular.

"What?" replied his mentor. "I don't hear anything." Remember, he is a practitioner of the Tao and is adept at concentration and blocking out distractions.

The intern sticks his head outside of his cubicle and sees a lead programmer/analyst he has worked with in the past scurrying around from cubicle to cubicle. He also sees a VP and somebody he doesn't recognize talking heatedly in the corner.

"Something is going on," said the intern.

"Something is always going on," said his mentor. "Get back to work."

"But I overheard somebody saying that DB2 wasn't working. Maybe we should look into that?" asked the intern.

"Do you trust the alerts you set up to warn you when there are DB2 problems?" asked the mentor.

"Sure," he replied, "you helped me set them up and we modified them just last month. I'm sure they are working."

"When all around you is in flux, sip your coffee and contemplate the situation. Not every problem requires a solution. Recall the wise words of Lao Tzu..."

"But what if they come in here and demand a solution?" the intern asked.

"Then we'll give it to them," replied the Taoist DBA, somewhat merrily.

The intern peeked outside his cubicle once more and things seemed to be calmer. "I guess it wasn't a problem with DB2, after all," he shrugged.

"No... and that should not surprise you. Sometimes the proper course of action is to do nothing. Some 'problems' solve themselves... Once again, I offer you the wise words of Lao Tzu..."

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